Poetry or something


I don’t know how to say goodbye to moments.
I don’t know how to stop the photographs
of my mind, without feeling an immense desire
of the moment’s revival.
I weep for the pass of time,
for the distance surrounding us,
for everything we loved so much
and now is gone ‘till nevermore.
I weep for humanity and the lack of capacity
of understanding each other without being others.
I don’t know how to give up on every corner I am not,
I don’t know how to relinquish my idea of the world.
If the world came to me, asking me to forgive,
I’d ask the other way around,
for not knowing how to exist,
how to be better to the Earth,
even to ourselves, with the unknown world,
people claim to know,
with the beauty we’ve been given just to be blind,
to eternity being somewhere, listening to us denying her
looking at us falling apart as a matter of time.